My undergraduate days

My Aluta market risky experience
It was my 1st semester part 1 n exam time, I met DS fine girl @ SHE elective, she stays in moz n I helped her wt d exam n I score wt her by getting her details n she invited me over 2 her hostel….hmmmm….I was having all DS anglomoz escapades fantasy……hmmmm… dear…I was on a long thing
On getting there, she intro me 2 all her roomie as dt guy n they all cheers n hailed me, bt d guy close me up 2 her corner n asked me 2 buy her fivers food….huh! Error…me dt d main reason I went 2 moz was 2 eat cos I was already @ ife igbeyin thinking abt hw 2 call home 4 t-fare n ja go home….I sha grumbled n complained of exam n ife igbeyin stuffs…..she said okay…only 2 asked me 2 c her off 2 Aluta market……mind u, we faj boys are thought 2b butty as @ den o…..n I used 2 hear of d famous aluta risky n never knw am going 2 encouter a funny episode dt’ll change my notion abt it
On getting there, she bought 2 #50 bread n 2 eggs in each n I was thinking am gonna eat it 2day…she asked me 2 pay wc I did wt A smile on my face but a lot of vipers in my mind…I so much hate her cos I had 2 spend out of my last #500 wc she collected d change 2…..only 2 reach her room n found out dt she is keeping d 2nd 1 till mid9Te when she was going 2 read @ almighty white house……hmmmm….my dear…..I was there salivating n pretending like I was okay…only 2b cursing her in my mind
I had 2 sleep empty tummy n vow never 2 c d girl 4 ever in my life
She always laugh @ me whenever our path cross……hmmm…..I had 2 wait 4 another SOS pocket money 4rm b4 I can taste d almighty aluta risky wc I enjoyed wt old ice cream n fanta……. 😉
But I later get d girl sha o…..@ hifi or something party @ ogunbanjo….I was a big boy already…….n she was surprised 2c me as her dancing partner @ dt prestigious #1500 party 4 guys n free 4 girls….n she was drunk n was free 2 roll wt me n we laughed n gist abt d past encounter ……………….hmmmmmm…………..I was d winner in dt season 2 as I used all 6 Jones Condoms dt I hurriedly bought dt afternoon 4rm campus 4 dt party…my #500 later yield….

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