Erotica 18+



Volume 1

Maureen was working at my video store and it
was closing time. I always went there at closing
to cash out and make the deposit. We all called
her Mo for short. She was a long time friend of
my wife Lisa and had been working there for
about a month and a half.. She was quite a
character. Boisterous and bold, funny and wide
open. She was 26 years old but her braces
made her look much younger than that.
“Hey.” She said when I came in.”

“Hi Mo. Was it busy today?” I always asked.
“Not too bad. It was for a while.” Then she went
over and locked up the door. “Guess what…”
She paused for a response.”
“I had a dream about you last night.” She looked
at me sideways like I had done something
“Oh really?” Now I was curious.
“Oh yes I did.” She grinned in a devilish way. “It
was a sex dream.”

Mo captured my interest immediately. “You did?
Well… Was I good?” It kind of excited me,
though I wasn’t at all surprised that she was
bold enough to tell me. I wanted to know what
exactly the dream was. Mo is tall and thin with
light brown hair, small tits and an absolutely
fantastic ass. I’d do her in a heartbeat.
“Yeah you were good. But it was wierd because
it was so fucking real.” She came around the
counter and stood very close to me It was very
seductive and I didn’t shy away. She clutched
the waist of my jeans. “Now I’m wondering
“What are you wondering Mo?” I put my hands
on her waist and I was starting to get an
With her hand grabbing my jeans, she rubbed
her thumb towards my swelling dick and it was
touching along the edge of the bulge. “Wonder
just what that dick is really like.” She laughed

I saw it as a suggestion and followed through.
“Here,” I said, “You tell me.” I opened up and
took my cock out. Mo looked down at it and
then back up at me. I laughed. “Wasn’t
expecting me to do that, were you?”
Mo’s jaw dropped open. She cradled my boner
in her left hand and while studying it, she said,
“Unbelievable! No shit! It’s exactly like it was in
my dream!”
“No way!”
“I’m not kidding…” She stroked it lightly. “God
it’s nice.”
“So Mo… What exactly what we doing in this
dream?” I didn’t really care all that much at this
point. I just wanted to fuck her.
“Oh, we did all kinds of things.” She melted
down to her knees. I was expecting a blow job,
but she was thinking something else. She was
just playing with my cock. She studied it looking
closely form all different angles. She stroked it
and squeezed it and rolled it between her finger
tips. Mo was enjoying herself like she had a new
toy. She tapped it against her mouth and
rubbed it on her face. Swinging it back and
forth, she was smacking it against her cheeks.
“Man you have no idea how much I love dick.”
“Oh I think I do ” I pulled her up to her feet.
Mo went over and closed up all of the blinds in
the store and then came back behind the
counter and hastily removed every bit of
clothing that she had on.

Myself, I just took off
my pants and my shoes and socks. I was
fascinated by her small boobies. They were like
two firm little pears with soft light pink nipples
looking straight out at me. Her pussy was
shaved with the hair trimmed into the shape of
a thin V right above the slit. “That’s hot Mo.” I
cupped it in my right hand slipping my middle
finger along the fold, diddling her clit and
dipping it in her hole.
“Mmm..” She moaned. “That’s nice.” She was
slowly moving her hips to and fro.
Standing, I lifted her left leg out to the side and
took my stiff cock in my left hand. I rubbed it
on her pussy wetting the end with her moist
lubricant then slipped it up inside of her.
“Ah yeah!” She exclaimed and chuckled.
“Hahahaha…Yeah. Oooh that feels fucking
grrreat!” Mo started pumping her pussy back
and forth on my dick. She’s as tall as I am and
we lined up perfectly.
My thrusting and her pumping were timed
perfectly so her mound and my pubic bone
were thumping against each other with each
forward push. She was tight and wet. “Damn,
you feel good Mo.”
Mo was a talker and apparently so when she
fucked. She jabbered up a storm while we were
banging each other and she had no qualms
about what she would say. “You feel good too.

You know, I actually think about screwing you a
lot. Some times I’m even thinking about it when
I’m talking to Lisa at work. We’ll be talking and
I’ll be thinking that I could fuck you better than
she can. I like Lisa alright, but I’m such a slut,
She doesn’t seem like she’s really all that into
sex and I bet she doesn’t fuck you like this. God
I love cock.” All this while we were humping
each other. Then she started swirling her hips
around like a stripper. She worked my cock
good. The talking actually kind of turned me on.
It was different. I braced myself with my hand
on the counter and held her leg up with the
other, Then I started hard fucking her, banging
her cunt hard and fast. Her little titties were
jiggling and wiggling. It turn me on to no end
and I just stared at them.
“Ooooooohhhffffuck!!” She squealed. “Oh you
like my titties!” Her chatter was rhythmically
broken by the pounding fuck that I was putting
on her. “Watch the tits. This is even better than
my (gasp)dream. I can’t believe how much
(gasp) your dick is like it was in my (gasp)
dream. Uh uh uh uh uh (gasp) ooh aahh…
Damn, it feels (gasp) even better in person….
Oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck yes. Oh fuck I’ve been
thinking (gasp) about it all day.”
I stopped for a second and turned her around
so she faced the counter and I was behind her.
She put her hands on the counter with her ass
sticking out and her legs spread open like she
was going to be frisked. I fingered her pussy
and rubbed it. Then I put the head of my dick
just inside her fuck hole.I didn’t slide it in or
ease it in, but I literally slammed my fuck rod
full tilt up her cunt.
Mo screamed at the top of her lungs. “OH GOD
DAMN!! Fuck yeah baby!! Fuck yeah!!” Her ass
was incredibly fine. Round, firm and small. I
drew my cock back slow and shoved it in fast.
Again and again and again thumping against it
hard. “Oh yes. Doggy fuck. I love doggy fucking.
I know you don’t get laid like this at home.”
I started fucking her at a steady pace. “Mmm
your ass is nice Mo.” I had my hands on her
butt cheeks as she kept pushing it back against
me bouncing it off of my abdomen. I held it
deep and she wiggled her butt against me
stirring it up inside her cunt. “Damn it Mo, this is
awesome.” Rocking back and forth. “We should
have started doing this a long time ago.”
Mo turned around. “Yeah, I know. We really
should have.” She lowered herself down to eye
level with my hard on. “I guarantee you ain’t
never had nothing like this.” She said full of
confidence. She looked up at me and grinned.

Her braces shining as she licked her lips. Mo
opened her mouth and sunk my cock deep into
her throat. I mean she took the entire thing to
the point that her chin was pushing back on my
balls and her face was mashed up against my
abdomen and she did it with ease. She held it
there for some time before drawing her head
back slowly easing it out while shaking her head
from side to side. “I don’t gag on anything.” She
said. “Ha haaa! Aren’t you a lucky man.” Mo
laughed a hearty deep laugh, then sucked my
cock… No, she face fucked me by driving my
dick down her throat and bumping her face
against me each time she wrapped it up with
her mouth.
I took her by the hair and guided her up, then
sat her on the stool behind the counter. This
time, she took hold of my cock, squeezed it and
then parked it up her tight horny pussy. I just
followed her lead and commenced to fucking
again, watching those sexy tits jiggle like jello.
Mo squealed like an overly excited kid. “Fuck
me! Damn it, fuck me fuck me fuck me!! Aaahh
yesss!” Both of us panting and screwing
furiously. Her voice sqeaky and high pitched.
“Do it baby! Fuck me! Give it to me good!
Harder, yeah harder…Fuck yeah, like that!” Each
time a filthy word came out of her gloriously
dirty mouth, she would gasp for air and each
gasp trailed into a sharp high pitched sqealing
Damn, I was going to burst. I could feel the
sperm welling up at the base of my throbbing
cock. Moaning deeply, “Oh yeah… Oh fuck…
Aah Mo Oh fuck Mo!…” I made it obvious I was
about to cum.
Mo almost jumped off of my dick and dropped
to the floor sitting before me leaning back
supporting herself with one arm behind her.
She grabbed hold of my pulsating cock, stroking
it above her face with her eyes wide open
fixated on it and her mouth oh so slightly open,
just enough to see the silver of her braces.
“Cum on my face, cum on my face…” She said it
over and over again until my cock began
pumping sperm. As Mo jerked me off, drops of
cum were being tossed around dripping down
onto her pretty face and landing in her hair. It
flowed out onto her cheeks and lips and a little
into her mouth. She sucked the last of it out.
“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as she sucked. “How
do I look?” She laughed hard and loud.
I studied her face. Pearly streams of cum
dripped down her right cheek from under her
eye. There was a stripe of cum across her fore
head and some was dripping from her bottom
lip as well as a bunch of drops decorating her
lower left cheek and streaming down her chin.
Her sandy hair had splatterings of sperm
droplets shining from it. “You look incredibly
sweet and beautiful.” I chuckled. She really did
look cute. The cum made her look ‘pop’ so to

Not more that 2 seconds later she stood up.
“Can you give me a ride home?” I always gave
her a ride home, so I told her I certainly would.
“Thanks. Just give me a minute to clean up.”
Then she went into the bathroom to remove the
spunk from her face and hair.
She also had a significant other. A boyfriend
with whom she had been living with for at least
a year. I don’t think either one of us felt any
guilt what so ever.
I looked over at her on the ride to her house
and said “You know, that was the wildest sex I
could have ever hoped for Mo.” It really was
intense and raw.
“Oh yeah it was. Right?” She agreed. “Man it was
wild. Don’t even worry about nothing either.
You’re like my dirty little secret. Alright?”
“You know it Mo.”

I kissed her on the lips before
we turned the last corner before her house and
when she got out of the truck I just had to tell
her, “sweet dreams.”
She laughed and said “Damn, I sure hope so.”
Then she jogged up the steps and disappeared
behind her front door.

Two days later on Saturday evening, I fucked
with Lisa. For the last twelve years, Saturday
was the only evening we had sex. Same time,
same place, same position, same short fore
play. No oral and she hadn’t actually put her
hands on my dick in those twelve years. It was
like she only did it because she had to. The
marriage only lasted for another seven or eight
months after that. It was no real surprise and
was a long time coming.
During those months, Maureen and I only
fucked two more times. Once in my truck
behind the store and once in her house when
her boyfriend was gone hunting for the
weekend. Each time was close to being as
intense and fun as the first and she always
talked through the whole sexual episode. I loved
Shortly after that I sold the store. About a year
after the store closed, Mo got married. Oddly
enough, maybe four months after she married
we probably got together and had wild sex at
least once every week or two. Even one time did
a three some with her friend Cathy. As quickly
as our illicit episodes began, they ended. I don’t
regret any of it. Hell, why would I? It was crazy
fun. But I don’t miss it that much either. I guess
it’s because it was more intense than anything I
could have hoped for. It was almost a surreal
time period.

Occasionally, Mo and I run into each other here
and there. We’re still good friends.We don’t
bring it all up too much though. It was special
enough in it’s own right.

To Be Continue……….

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