Bad Breath or Mouth Odour



Bad breath or Mouth Odour is also known as Halitosis, and colloquially, it is called fetor oris. This is a symptom in which a noticeably unpleasant odor is present on the exhaled breath. Concern about halitosis is estimated to be the third most frequent reason for people to seek dental care, following tooth decay and gum disease; and about 20% of the general population are reported to suffer from it to some degree.


Not all who think they have halitosis have a genuine problem. Of those who feel they have halitosis, significant percentages (5–72%) have been reported to have no genuine halitosis when professionally examined. Of those who have genuine halitosis, often the odor is caused by bacteria present below the gumline and on the back of the tongue. The remaining 10% is accounted for by many conditions, including disorders in the nasal cavity, sinuses, throat, lungs, esophagus, stomach or elsewhere.



Very rarely, halitosis can be one of many symptoms of a serious underlying medical condition such as liver failure; but, in the vast majority of cases, the cause is minor and can often be reduced by adjustments to oral hygiene, including brushing or gently scraping the back of the tongue and improving the health of the gums by using dental floss. Occasionally, however, especially if the origin of the odor is not in the mouth, halitosis can be more difficult to diagnose and to manage successfully. Bad breath is a social taboo; and, as a result, perceived or genuine halitosis can sometimes trigger social anxiety.


Try these simple steps to get rid of bad breath and mouth odour.

  1. Brush your teeth regularly
  2. Rinse your mouth out regularly
  3. Floss your mouth more often to remove plaque ( the sticky whitish brown build up on your )
  4. Scrape your tongue when brushing
  5. Avoid food that sour your tongue

If you are able to keep to all these, i can assure you that mouth odour will say goodbye to you. Welcome to a clean and fresh breath you.


Olabode Aderemi Temitayo




Buhari’s Health Vacation and the messages to the poor and the world at large

Its been a while since I write on this platform due to one reason or the other, but I was compelled to write on this subject when I stumbled upon a particular article on public health in reference to “Alma ata  WHO International Conference Declaration 1978 “. It stated there and I quote ” The existing gross inequality in the health status of the people particularly between developed and developing countries as well as within countries is Politically, Socially and Economically unacceptable and is therefore a common concern to all countries ” Declaration II. 

Having considered the full meaning of this declaration, I asked myself, if our dear President can be travelling for treatment abroad like one visit toilet in a self-contained apartment, simply because we are lacking major improvements in our health sector, what does it mean for the poor masses? Does that mean that the poor will continue to be loosing their lives due to lack of financial power to seek better health treatment outside the country? Does that mean we are not thinking about health care on equity-oriented principle of public health features? Are we getting anywhere in this country on major aspect of development in which improved health care is very essential? 

I am using this medium to call on all the decision-makers on health related issue to ponder on this if we are getting it right or wrong and to look out for ways in which we can improve our facilities and personnel to meet up with the standard we seek in other countries…… A food for thought

By Olabode Aderemi Temitayo



remember a friend of mine telling me how he used to solve his hunger problem in the days of poverty. He said he would go to any market where they display different kind of garri for sales. He would price it and take almost handful of eachkind of garri and eat it, ‘testing’ to know if the garri is good. He said he can taste like four kinds of garri like that, and he won’t buy any one. He would just give one excuse either by saying the garri is not sour enough or that he will buy it when he is returning. He said by the time he has eaten four handful of garri, he would just buy a sachet of pure water& drink and he would be okay for that moment. I teased him that why can’t you do that if you are hungry and you wish to eat bread. Then he said ‘Eben, you want them to kill me. The bread is inside a nylon oo and you can’t take it without first paying and once you tear the nylon, it mean you have paid for it or you are paying for it.’. This is the inspiration I got from this conversation. We have this 2 kinds of single ladies today. We have ‘Garri ladies’ and ‘Bread ladies’. We have so many ladies today that guys are just using their sexual organs to solve their sexual hunger. You have dated 5 to 6 guys and each of them have kissed you, sucked your breasts, romanced you and they have the memory of your kissing ,romance and bedroom prowess with them. My sister, you are a garri lady. It does not matter your academic qualifications and social status. If you offer your body in exchange for money, for academic grades, employment, or any other favour, you are simply a Garri lady. If you expose your breasts and other private parts of your body just to get likes and cheap comments on social media, you are a Garri lady. Guys are feeding their lust through your body. And just like that my friend would do, when that your boyfriend, boss, sugar daddy and Facebook fans are done with you, they will dump you. They know you are not good to be a virtuous wife. On the other hands, we have ‘ Bread ladies’. If you like, label them ‘ mumu ladies, or call them ‘ suegbe ladies’ but they are wiser than you if you are a garri lady. They preserve their body and have made a vow that who so ever will ‘tear their nylon’ must be the man that have married them.vThey are not ‘outside’ like a displayed garri. Theyvare inside the nylon of grace, godliness, personal values and integrity. They believe in inward virginity ( purity of heart) and outward virginity.vThey don’t toil with sexual sins, they run away from every form of defilement. They dress beautifully, charming but not provocatively or in an adulterous manner. They vote for chastity. God is proud of them. The world may hate them, but they don’t give a damn! They may call them different derogatory names, but they don’t bother themselves. They have seen the future ahead and her grooming themselves for it. They will not allow their names to be part of the ‘ Guinness’ book of record of ‘ Used and dumped’ ladies. If they have any reason to walk out of any relationship, they walk out with their self esteem and honour for no guy can mock them that he has ‘finished’ them. Our world is in shortage of ‘bread ladies’ today. They are very few! Hello lady, which side are you? . I offer you hope today, if you are a ‘ garri lady’, you can make a decision to become a ‘ bread lady’ today. Say bye bye to this reckless sexual immoral life.Those of you who are into courtship and you entered into that courtship as a bread lady but now you have become a garri lady behind the closed doors. God is calling you to repentance. Stop it!. Come back into your ‘nylon’. Let your dignity be restored. If that guy can’t wait till marriage before all those kissing, fondlingromancing and sex, then let him go! . Finally to precious bread ladies, don’t allow any one, any guy, any hard situation or momentary gain change you to a garri lady. Sexual purity pays! Thanks for reading and adjusting where necessary.

Olabode Aderemi Temitayo

​THE PRICE OF URINE — Talk to Doctor KT

You feel the urge. You walk into the loo. No pain. No straining. What follows is a nice stream of amber-coloured urine. Seamless, uh? Say AlhamduliLlaah. Have you ever seen men in acute urinary retention? They cry like babies. They sweat like turkeys. The doctor comes to pass a catheter and phew! They thank […]

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When I was in med school, a respected elder visited me in my hostel and she literally drew a sketch of how my life should be like. She said I should not think of marriage at that time and just face my studies; finish the 6-year course, the 1-year internship, the 4- to 6-year residency and then – only then – I can start talking about marriage! I pretended as if I agreed with her, but deep down, I knew that my heart was already 50% medicine and 50% marriage. I did the math and found out that, should I follow that suggestion, I would be 30+ before I get married.

I’m not here to make anyone feel bad about their fate or personal choices. But I know that delaying marriage for flimsy reasons is frowned at in Islaam as well as many other cultures. Science has also shown that, the biological clock of a woman begins to wear out from 31 and above. Her eggs begin to deteriorate (because they have been sitting in her ovaries even before she was born!), conception becomes a hassle and the risk of fetal abnormalities becomes higher.

This probably explains why the society seems to be fixated on that 30-year mark for young women (and men too). The pressure continues to mount on them; sometimes pushing them to marry just to avoid the embarrassment, not because they’ve actually found the “right one”. And no, I’m not endorsing the embarrassment, but we need to strike a balance…

My one cent: If marriage and childbearing is part of your plans in life, I advise you to do it ASAP. Not too early. Not too late. But somewhere reasonable in between.


From Under the Waves–On the Occasion that You Feel Alone — dearlilyjune

Dear Lily June, I am tempted not to tell you about days like today. Is there a way to say there are days my heart feels exposed and every nerve inside achingly raw without being frightening? And, my darling little one, don’t I have to confess in hushed tones that on days like today–when it […]

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Eden Hazard is Reborn a football magician as he won EPL player of the month for August


OFFICIAL: Eden Hazard has been named Premier League Player of the Month for August.hazard.jpg

By Olabode Aderemi Temitayo


After a nightmarish 2015/2016 for Chelsea FC and her score of his underperforming superstars, the 2016/2017 seasons has brought in a new lease of good life as there was an acquisition in every coaching department as well as squad strengthening in certain key areas. The sweetest of all is about the resurgence of Chelsea number one talisman EDEN HAZARD which look like a reborn.

He has been instrumental to Chelsea rise to the top in EPL as well as their progress in ELC, this made him to be rewarded with votes and accolades from football pundits and fans all over the world as the EPL player of the month for August. It was reported on EPL official twitter handle this morning around 9:35 am

Unlike last season where he endured a torrid season of goal drought and recurring injuries, Hazard now has two goals in his first three appearances for the Blues this season, showing that flair and quality that won him PFA Player of the Year for 2014/15.

Chelsea themselves are generally looking in far better shape this season, and will need to see more of this from Hazard to ensure they are in with a chance of winning the title.

Antonio Conte’s men are one of three sides to have a 100% record so far this season, along with fellow title-favourites Manchester United and Manchester City.








scam alert




By Olabode AderemiTemitayo


It is noteworthy to know that fraudsters have developed new software and also devised a new means of defrauding people in this change era, as the former trick of sending an SMS telling you that your ATM has been deactivated due to system upgrade or BVN issues, is no longer working well for them because people are very aware of that trick now.

With the current hardship in the country, the swindler still refused to allow people enjoy their hard-earned  money and device a trick to con them.

Their new trick now is to send you an email supposedly to have been sent by your bank email service informing you that you have been debited 7,000naira as subscription fee for the bank’s monthly digest magazine and the charge will continue every month..

To unsubscribe and cancel that deduction monthly from your account you should click here (a link is given there).


Once you click the link it will open up a page


You will be asked to supply your bank details including ATM information, that is now the info they need to enable them access and clear your account.

Please remember:




I’ve done well to alert You…

Do well to alert more people…

Above all don’t fall a victim…

It is a fresh and the latest information from the

security Agencies.

Circulate please…

Olabode Aderemi Temitayo

It Rained Cat and Dog in Ile-Ife as Oau freshmen matriculates

It is a mixed feeling on OAU campus today as the higher institution of learning hold her annual  matriculation ceremony for her freshmen

The satellites were angry because the rain did not allow them to hustle for the conventional free rice and drinks that usually circulate on this popular ceremony every academic session while the freshmen were all about not being able to attend to their friends and well-wishers from outside the campus and their respective home.

A male student from Biochemistry Department who claimed anonymous blame God for bringing rain on this occasion while another student said God favoured her because she did not have anything to offer her friends and the rain really cover up for her.

This institution which is known for its recurring strike action is currently running her first semester of 2015/2016 whereas it is supposed to be running 2016/2017 session.

After the spoilt and soiled party, the student will resume work tomorrow only to be closed in few days time due to Eid-il-Kabir celebration Holiday.

Which is the saviour and which is the mediocre?



Untitled-1handing over -1.jpgUntitled-1



The Mediocre Government or the Saviour?

The contagious CHANGE mantra that we all grow to embrace is already becoming sour in our mouth, but before we condemn and curse this administration, let us all critically analyse and compare with the past administration.

Here is a post compiled by Olabode Aderemi Temitayo comparing the achievement of the past administration in the first 100 year of office against the current regime

President Muahammadu Buhari Achievement so far vs President Goodluck Jonathan Achievement in his first 100 day


The presidency released President Muhammadu Buhari’s “achievements” during his one-year in office speech when they were marking the administration’s first year in office.

The list as published by the News Agency of Nigeria contains the following:


*.The relocation of the Nigerian Military Command Centre to Maiduguri, since May 2015, contributed to the success in the fight against insurgency in the North Eastern part of the country.

*.As at February 2016, the total number of persons rescued by the Nigerian troops during the ongoing operations in the North East came to 11,595

*.Since December 2015, the well-motivated and rejuvenated Nigerian Military have regained all Nigerian territories previously under Boko Haram control.

*.Prioritized regional cooperation in the fight against Boko Haram insurgency and violent extremism, through the operations of the 8,500 strong Multi-National Joint Task Force in N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, currently headed by a Nigeria military general.

*.Nigeria has provided $21million USD to the Task Force since June 2015 and is committed to an additional $79 million USD, bringing the total of Nigeria’s commitment to the Task Force to 100 million USD.

*.Cohesive international support in the fight against terrorism and assistance to victims and communities affected by terrorism, following President Buhari’s meeting with G7 leaders and other world powers.

*.In May 2016, Nigeria hosted a Regional Security Summit to boost military operations against Boko Haram and forge a global support for the rehabilitation of the IDPs and rebuilding of the North East.

*.In June 2015, the United States announced a 5-million-dollar support for the fight against the terrorists in the sub-region.

*.In April 2016, during the visit to Ms Samantha Power, the U.S Ambassador to the UN to Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad, the U.S Government further announced an additional $40 million USD for humanitarian assistance in the sub-region

*.Recruitment of additional 10,000 persons into the Nigeria Police Force is ongoing. The recruitment will address the manpower gap which currently exists in the Nigeria Police

*.Overhaul of the dysfunctional topmost hierarchy of the Nigerian military which resulted in optimal result and degradation of the Boko Haram elements.

*.Was able to bring back our hitherto military allies; which saw the United States and UK governments commit their resources to the fight against the insurgents after previously backing out of negotiations with the previous administration. The Israeli government has also indicated interest in the fight against insurgency.

*.Introduction of the motor cycle battalion (This is so that the Nigerian Army can travel to remote areas that were not accessible to cars/trucks)

*.Realigned our partnership with regional allies by embarking on foreign visits which resulted in bilateral and multilateral agreements to tackle insecurity back home.

*.No more roadblocks and curfews, which normally impeded free flow of movement.

*.Continuous monitoring of activities in the region of war through the use of satellite images and geographical information system is helping in fighting insurgency and strategizing against the enemy.

*.The trips to our neighbouring countries showed the resolve of the President to push Boko Haram elements out of existence by going for the jugular of the group, cutting their arms, food supply routes. Support has thus been mobilized through the Multinational Joint Task Force.

*.Another major stride is the Trans National Organized Crime (TNOC) where the president got partnership with regional allies in the fight against the proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons.

*.As part of the reconfigured military partnership, the United States donated 24 mine-resistant armoured vehicles (MRAP) which had protected the Nigerian troops from the menace of Improvised Explosive Devices. Today we have less causalities.

*.Reached out to the G7 countries and achieved the following: intelligence sharing; technical military training; arms deals/donations

*.Overhauling of NIMASA. A reversed policy of the past administration where national infrastructural assets were given to militia leaders to protect as against established bodies like the Nigerian Navy was stopped.

*.The President Buhari government has drafted the army to partner with other security agencies in ensuring the security of our national infrastructure and this is already yielding the desired results.

*.A major ring of pipeline vandals in Lagos state were captured recently in a joint operation by security forces led by the army.

*.The government has renewed its fight against oil bunkering

*.The Nigerian Navy has recorded tremendous success lately in apprehending vessels used by oil thieves. This operation has improved security on our water ways and it has also helped improve the revenue of government.

*.Deployment of sophisticated weapons to ensure vandalism is contained by setting up a pipeline security force in stamping out the menace.

*.Effective Management of the Separatist Biafran Movement

*.Improving the technical capacity of Nigerian Police Force. We now have a forensic lab and GSM tracking device. We now have a more IT integrated Police force.

*.Restructuring of Nigerian Immigration to stop cross border crimes.

*.NSCDC has become more proactive in the prevention of pipeline vandalization, with arrest of several pipeline vandals.

*.Joint operations involving various security outfits in curbing the menace of the herdsmen in the country has been set up.

*.The use of surveys and updated mappings across the country as strategies for preventing threats among ethnic groups in Nigeria.


*.Right from the moment he won the Presidential Election in 2015, the impression of the President as a ‘‘no nonsense and incorruptible leader’’ sent a signal to looters of public funds, with many of them returning funds that had been stolen under the previous administration.

*.To create a frame work for prosecuting the war against corruption and institutionalize probity, President Buhari set up an Advisory Committee on War Against Corruption.

*.The anti-corruption battle is gaining ground with several high profile cases already in the courts. The administration is being guided by the rule of law in the prosecution of corruption cases.

*.President Buhari enlisted the support of multilateral institutions like the World Bank and IMF, security agencies, Western countries and other friendly nations to locate and repatriate stolen assets.

*.At a London summit on anti-corruption, President Buhari announced that Nigeria will begin the full implementation of the principles of the OPEN contracting data standards.

*.In the first quarter of 2016, President Buhari embarked on trips to the Middle East to sensitize the governments on the need to repatriate stolen assets and hand over the looters for trial in Nigeria. In January, Nigeria and UAE signed Judicial Agreements on Extradition, Transfer of Sentenced Persons, Mutual Legal Assistance on Criminal Matters.

*.In March 2016, the Federal Government and the Swiss Government signed a Letter of Intent On the Restitution of Illegally-Acquired Assets forfeited in Switzerland. Under the agreement, Switzerland will repatriate $ 321 million USD illicitly acquired by the Gen. Sani Abacha family.

*.In March 2016, the Presidential Committee set up to probe contracts awarded by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) from 2011 to 2015 announced the recovery of over N7 billion from indicted companies and individuals.


*.Implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) has provided greater visibility of government revenues and cash flows. Between June 2015 and April 2016, the Federal Government TSA collection clocked N3trillion.

*.To further instill fiscal discipline, President Buhari directed the closure of all multiple accounts in Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government, thereby plugging loopholes for leakages with new technology.

*.The opaque accounting structure of the NNPC has been reconstructed to be more transparent with the closure of more than 40 accounts. As a corporate entity, NNPC is now accountable and more transparent in operations, publishing its monthly financial reports.

*.The President also resolved the lingering shadowy oil swap deals that had cost the country billions of dollars and left it at the mercy of a few rich Nigerians.

*.To alleviate the suffering of Nigerians in September 2015, President Buhari directed the Central Bank of Nigeria to disburse N689.5 billion as bailout to 27 states of the federation to pay salaries.

*.To stimulate the economy and reduce poverty, in April, 2016, President Buhari approved deferment in the payment of the bailout as states were still reeling under the burden of the fall in commodity prices.

*.Records of more than 34,000 ghost workers draining the nation’s resources were expunged from the Federal Civil Service, saving N2.29 billion monthly.

*.In 2015, President Buhari ruled out the appointment of a government delegation for pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. By this decision, the government saved about one million U.S dollars and N30m of local expenses

Enforcement of the Bank Verification Number: Also the BVN has ensured that the menace of “ghost workers” are being identified and dealt with, while looters with multiple accounts can no longer hide their loot undetected.

*.Social Protection: Groundwork for social intervention/palliatives for the poor is being put in place as data is being collated by the economic planning office of the VP in conjunction with the World Bank.

*.Reorganization/restructuring of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) into a focused, accountable and transparent institution with autonomous Units (Upstream; Downstream, Gas & Power; Refineries; Ventures and lean Group Headquarters)

*.Reduction of operational deficits in NNPC by over 50% as at March 2016 as a result of Increased Transparency and Commercial focus

*.Conduct of NNPC outstanding Annual Audits from 2011 to 2014, and the publication of Monthly Financial and Operations Reports to ensure transparency

*.Introduction of third party financing in order to eliminate direct funding of cash calls by the Federal Government

*.Renegotiation of existing service contracts under Joint Venture and Production sharing contracts (PSC) Operations by about 30% leading to operational efficiency improvements and cost reductions

*.Elimination of the Offshore Processing Agreement (OPA) through the introduction of the Direct Sales and Direct Purchase (DSDP) scheme with reputable off-shore refineries thereby yielding annual savings of US$1 billion

*.Resuscitation of Port Harcourt, Warri and Kaduna Refineries presently producing about 7 million litres of products per/day

*.Repair of products pipe lines and the resuscitation of supply of products from Atlas Cove-Mosimi- Ibadan- Ilorin after a six year lull

*.Repairs of Escravos/ Warri and Bonny/Port Harcourt crude oil pipe lines

*.Introduction of a Price Modulation framework for downstream petroleum product pricing to encourage responsiveness to market dynamics

*.Guided deregulation of the downstream sector to allow market forces determine product price and eliminate subsidy payments

*.Introduction of the initiative on refinery co-location to increase domestic refining capacity and minimize the drain on scarce foreign exchange for product importation

*.Commenced policy reforms for gas monetization, flare out and infrastructure development, to fast track power supply and economic diversification.


*.Under President Buhari, the Federal Government agreed to a 50 million Euro (about N11.15 billion) loan agreement with French government for capacity-building and upgrade of power training facilities in Nigeria.

*.Nigeria signed a $237 million agreement with World Bank to improve power.

*.Chinese solar power manufacturers agreed with the Federal Government to set up solar panel manufacturing business in Nigeria.

*.President Buhari has signed an agreement with the Chinese government to improve Nigeria’s power infrastructure


*.Presidential approval for the Implementation of United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) report 2010 for the clean-up of Ogoniland with regards to oil pollution and inclusion of stakeholders in the process of implementation.

*.Continuation of the implementation of the Great Green Wall project to fight and contain desertification in Northern Nigeria initiated by past administration.


*.Since assumption of office, President Buhari has maintained a clear stance on the rule of law and respect for separation of


*.The President has focused on the strengthening of institutions with key appointment of professionals.

*.Appointment of 30 new Federal High Court Justices


*.On assumption of office, the President undertook some foreign trips both within and outside Africa to re-establish Nigeria’s position in the global arena and solicit support for Nigeria and Africa.

*.President Buhari has continually pushed the agenda for enhancing Nigeria’s global image by always demonstrating Nigeria’s credentials in the 2015 general elections, which saw the country scoring high on peaceful transition.

*.President Buhari strongly supported the emergence of a Nigerian, Dr Akinwumi Adesina, as President of the Africa Development Bank. (NAN)

Whereas, sometime ago when President Goodluck Jonathan mark his one year in office of his administration, the following achievements were announced

  1. Nigeria’s oil industry expanded by 20% and we reclaimed our position as Africa’s largest oil exporter which we’d hitherto was lost to Angola.
  2. Recognized by OPEC in July as the 2nd largest oil exporter 2nd only to Saudi Arabia. It is the first time Nigeria has recorded such a feat.
  3. Inflation rate had been reducing as the administration enforces tighter fiscal policies.
  4. In June the Consumer Price Index showed an inflation rate of 10.2% which dropped to 9.4% in July being the lowest rate in the past 4 years.
  5. Foreign Reserves rose by 10% to $35 billion.
  6. Nigeria’s GDP growth rate month-over-month had continued to grow from 6.7% in May to 6.9% in July of 2011.
  7. Nigeria declared top three investment destinations in Africa (number 2) by the independent Africa Business Panel in the Netherlands.
  8. Nigeria generated power at her highest level ever (4,000mw) which is still far from enough but which will improve monthly.
  9. Nigerian Railway Corporation commenced Mass Transit Services in 5 of 6 geo-political zones. Last zone will come on stream by year’s end (December 2011).
  10. With establishment of the NSIA, President facilitates direct investments into infrastructure with priority areas being Power and Roads.
  11. The Federal Government also awarded contracts for various road projects across the country whose impact was soon to be felt nationwide.
  12. Launch of NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X Satellites to expand Internet Bandwidth and provide early warning to prevent natural disasters.
  13. President introduced the policy of engaging the Private Sector on kerosine pricing and price reduced between May and September, 2011.
  14. Recognizing the sacrifices of youth corps members, President approved upward review of allowances from 9,700 to 19,800 Naira.
  15. Implementation of Minimum Wage Increase for Nigerian Workers to 18,900 Naira monthly.
  16. 35% Slot For Women in the cabinet.
  17. Deepening Security and expanding Peace in the Niger Delta.
  18. Reduced kidnapping in South East with implementation of President’s order establishing the 14 Brigade of the Army in Ohafia, Abia state.
  19. Maritime Safety has been ensured and stabilized in the last 100 days.
  20. A stellar cabinet comprising former MDs of the World Bank & Goldman Sachs, Chairperson Accenture andmultiple Ph.Ds.
  21. The National Automobile Council established an Automotive Development Fund to resuscitate the automobile industry and generate jobs.
  22. Approval for genuine foreign investors to obtain visas at the point of entry to facilitate FDI investments.
  23. Model Skills Training Centers in Abuja- collaboration between Industrial Training Fund & the Institute for Technical Education, Singapore.
  24. Establishment of the Nigerian Vehicle Credit Purchase scheme.

So, let’s look critically, if they are fooling us in this present administration or they are driving us in d right direction.

Please feel free to drop your comment in d comment section below


British Extremists to cool off in special jail

Anjem Choudary

Britain to jail extremists in special prison units. Prisoners who “seek to poison the minds of others” with extreme and radical ideas will be housed in special units within English and Welsh jails, the British government has said. This move follows the publication of a report that described institutional “complacency” with regards to the “growing problem” of Islamist extremism within correctional facilities. The review, which was led by former prison governor Ian Acheson, recommended that problem inmates be “incapacitated” by being severed off from the rest of the prison population.

8 Ways to Boost Your Fertility





Compiled by Olabode Aderemi Temitayo

There are a lot of simple things such as diet, timing of sex, even your lubricant — may help you conceive faster.

If you’re like most couples who are trying to conceive, you want to get pregnant sooner rather than later.

Having intercourse as close as possible to ovulation definitely helps. But fertility experts say there are other ways couples can boost their fertility. A few simple measures may make the next month the month you’ll squeal: “We’re pregnant!”

  1. Her Fertility Booster: Weight Control

Being underweight or overweight can delay the time it takes a woman to conceive.

William Gibbons, director of the division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Baylor College of Medicine, says weight before getting pregnant is often an overlooked factor in fertility. Keeping a healthy weight can help with conception.

In one study, researchers evaluated the body mass index (BMI) of 2,112 pregnant women. Women in the study who had a pre-pregnancy BMI of 25-39 – considered overweight or obese — had a twofold increase in the time it took to get pregnant. A BMI less than 19 (18.5 to 24.9 is considered normal) is even worse, the researchers found. Time to conception was increased fourfold in women with a BMI below 19.

Gibbons tells women to stay at a healthy weight when trying to conceive.

  1. His Fertility Booster: Protect Those Sperm

protect those sperm

According to Dale McClure, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the idea that changing to boxers instead of briefs will boost fertility by keeping genital temperatures down is basically an old wives’ tale. Earlier studies seemed to point to boxers as the better choice, McClure says. But more recent studies haven’t shown a major difference.

What about exposing the testicles to other sources of heat? The American Society for Reproductive Medicine says controlling temperature doesn’t play much of role in boosting fertility. Some doctors, though, recommend staying away from certain sources. For instance, sitting in a hot tub day after day should be avoided, McClure says, even if a man has no known fertility problems. In at least one study, repeated exposure to high water temperatures through hot tubs or hot baths was shown to affect men’s fertility.

Still, no research has clearly shown a link between exposure to other sources of heat and a man’s fertility. One study did show that scrotal temperatures went up in laptop users who held the computer on their laps and warned that long-term exposures to high temperatures could harm sperm. Another study found that exposure to radiation from cell phones could adversely affect sperm that had been collected from participants. Researchers in that study speculated that keeping a cell phone in a pants pocket could affect the health of a man’s sperm.

While neither study was sufficient to prove that exposure to sources of heat could harm sperm enough to affect fertility, McClure still says a man who wants to be a father probably shouldn’t keep his laptop on his lap for extended periods of time. But even considering the above findings, McClure says he is “more concerned about hot tubbing.”

  1. Her Fertility Booster: Watch the Beverages and alcohol


Drinking too much coffee or too much alcohol can impair a woman’s fertility.

Experts say that drinking more than five cups of coffee a day — the equivalent of about 500 milligrams of caffeine — is associated with lower fertility. But don’t give up your daily cup of coffee just yet. Moderate caffeine consumption, Gibbons says, seems to be OK. Having one or two cups a day is fine. His advice for women who are coffee or soda drinkers: “Stay under 200 to 250 milligrams of caffeine a day.”

Studies on alcohol intake and women’s fertility have produced mixed findings. But Swedish researchers have found that women who drank two alcoholic beverages a day decreased their fertility by nearly 60%. Once again, moderation is key. Although higher levels of alcohol — two drinks or more a day — should be avoided when trying to get pregnant, there is no evidence to show that moderate alcohol consumption adversely affects fertility.

You will, though, want to cut out alcohol completely once you are pregnant. Drinking while pregnant increases the risk of serious birth defects.

  1. Couple’s Fertility Booster: Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can impair both a woman’s and a man’s fertility. Smoking affects how receptive the uterus is to the egg. And in men, smoking can reduce sperm production and damage DNA. Experts also strongly suggest quitting smoking before you’re pregnant. Smoking while pregnant boosts the risk of miscarriage.

  1. Couple’s Fertility Booster: The Fertile Window

Taking advantage of what doctors call the “fertile window” can boost your chances of pregnancy. The fertile window is the six-days that end on the day of ovulation. Pregnancy is most likely to occur with intercourse within the three days before ovulation.

Richard Paulson, chief of the division of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, says that couples often wait until the day of ovulation or later to have intercourse. But if you really want to get pregnant, “Err on the early side,” he says.

Paulson also advises keeping close track of ovulation — either by the calendar method, figuring ovulation occurs about 14 days before the menstrual period is due, or by using an ovulation predictor kit, widely sold online and in drugstores.

  1. Couple’s Fertility Booster: Have Frequent Sex

sex cartoon

Delaying lovemaking — or as some couples say, ”saving up” — isn’t going to boost the chances of pregnancy, McClure says.

“After about a week, the [sperm] count goes up a bit, but the motility decreases,” he says. Not having sex for more than five days may affect sperm counts adversely. But intervals as short as two days don’t harm sperm density.

Although daily intercourse produced the highest pregnancy rate in one study, it may pose too much stress for some couples. The same study showed that having sex every other day produced nearly as good a pregnancy rate.

  1. Couples Fertility Booster: Choose Lubricants Wisely

With more frequent intercourse, couples may turn more to vaginal lubricants. That’s OK, doctors say, if the lubes are picked wisely. Some lubricants can actually decrease fertility. When you’re trying to get pregnant, be sure to avoid products that have spermicidal agents.

So what is a good lubricant to use? “Canola oil,” Gibbons says.

“Even peanut oil is good,” McClure says. But impromptu household lubes may not be good. “I had a patient yesterday with a great sperm count and no motility [swimming ability],” McClure says. When he asked a few more questions, he got to the root of the problem. “He was using soap for a lubricant,” and soap was killing the sperm.

You also want to avoid commercially available water-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants, such as Astroglide, KY Jelly, and Touch, may inhibit sperm motility by 60% to 100%.

  1. Couple’s Fertility Booster: Avoid Pesticides and Other Harmful Exposures

Exposures to pesticide, especially agricultural pesticides, may harm both men and women’s fertility. And exposure to some solvents and toxins — including those used in printing businesses and dry cleaning establishments — can adversely affect women’s fertility.



Tips for staying safe and healthy during a cold-weather workout

skating imagesBy Olabode Aderemi Temitayo
From Jo Zimmerman, a trainer and instructor of kinesiology at the University of Maryland, here are a few ways to stay comfortable and safe while exercising in the cold:
● Dress appropriately
Layer your clothing so you can remove items as you warm up. Ideally, the outer layer would be windproof (check the label to make sure it still “breathes” to let moisture out) and the inner layer would wick moisture away from your body. Cover your head, hands and feet. Mittens are warmer than gloves. For longer runs or windy bike rides, try layering thin gloves under some larger mittens. Wool or wool-blend socks will feel warmer than cotton when damp. Hats are great, but a headband or earmuffs might be more comfortable for some people.
● Stay hydrated
Drinking throughout the day is the best strategy in any season, but especially in winter because cold-weather exercise might make it harder to think about drinking cold water.
● Apply sunscreen

skating images
You can still get a burn in winter if you are outside long enough. Also wear UV-protective sunglasses in strong daylight and in snowy conditions.
● Make yourself visible
Shorter days mean more workouts in the dark. Wear reflectors or LED blinkers on your clothing or equipment. Brightly colored clothing can also enhance visibility during low-light or nighttime workouts.
● Beware of ice
Roads, trails, sidewalks and even grassy areas can have icy patches, so try to think about those surfaces if the temperature is below freezing.
● Warm up and cool down
In cold temperatures it is especially important to take time for the transition from low- to high-level activity and back again, but work quickly enough to avoid becoming chilled and uncomfortable. Five minutes of a low level of activity is usually enough, but for more intense exercise, a two-step warm-up might be smart.
When you’re finished, remove your cold, wet clothes in exchange for something warm and dry as soon as possible. A hot shower might be tempting, but a warm shower is a better idea. If your skin is chilled and a bit numb, you might not know that the shower is actually too hot.
final skate● Be safe
In any extreme conditions, tell someone where you’re going, what you’re planning to do and when you expect to be back.

Ways by which Alcohol can drive you to your early grave {part 1} By Olabode Aderemi Temitayo

Even a small amount of alcohol has an effect on your body. When you drink, alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream and distributed throughout your body. A tiny amount of alcohol exits your body in your urine and your breath.

You absorb alcohol more slowly if you eat, especially if the food is high in fat. However, if you drink more than your body can process, you’ll get drunk. How quickly alcohol is metabolized depends on your size and gender, among other things.

Alcohol consumption causes physical and emotional changes that can do great harm to your body. The long-term effects of alcohol abuse are many, putting your health in serious jeopardy and endangering your life.

Excretory System

The excretory system is responsible for processing and eliminating waste products like alcohol from your body. As part of that process, the pancreas secretes digestive enzymes that combine with bile from the gallbladder to help digest food. The pancreas also helps regulate insulin and glucose.

Excessive alcohol use can cause the pancreas to produce toxic substances that interfere with proper functioning. The resulting inflammation is called pancreatitis, a serious problem that can destroy the pancreas. One of the most frequent causes of chronic pancreatitis is alcohol abuse.

The liver’s job is to break down harmful substances, including alcohol. Excessive drinking can cause alcoholic hepatitis which can lead to the development of jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes). Chronic liver inflammation can lead to severe scarring known as cirrhosis. This formation of scar tissue can destroy the liver. When the liver fails to perform, toxic substances remain in your body. Liver disease is life threatening. Women are at higher risk for alcoholic liver disease than men, because women’s bodies tend to absorb more alcohol and take longer to process it.

When the pancreas and liver don’t function properly, the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) rises. A damaged pancreas can cause the body to be unable to utilize sugar due to a lack of insulin, which can lead to hyperglycemia. Unbalanced blood sugar levels can be a dangerous problem, especially for people with diabetes. Alcohol abuse also raises your risk of liver cancer.

Central Nervous System

One of the first signs of alcohol in your system is a change in behavior. Alcohol travels through the body easily. It can quickly reach many parts of your body, including your brain and other parts of your central nervous system. That can make it harder to talk, causing slurred speech, the telltale sign that someone who has had too much to drink. It can also affect coordination, interfering with balance and the ability to walk.

Drink too much, and your ability to think clearly is in trouble, as are your impulse control and ability to form memories. Over the long term, drinking can actually shrink the frontal lobes of your brain. Acute alcoholic withdrawal can lead to seizures and delirium. And severe alcoholism can progress to permanent brain damage, causing dementia.

Damage to your nervous system can result in pain, numbness, or abnormal sensations in your feet and hands. Alcoholism can cause a thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency, which can result in involuntary rapid eye movements, weakness, or paralysis of the eye muscles.

Men and women metabolize alcohol differently. It generally takes less alcohol to affect women.

Over time, a heavy drinker can become physically and emotionally dependent on alcohol. It may be very difficult to gain control. Unlike most other common addictions, acute alcohol withdrawal can be life threatening. Cases of severe, chronic alcohol addiction often require medical detoxification.

When an alcoholic stops drinking abruptly, they’re likely to experience symptoms of withdrawal, such as:

  • nausea
  • anxiety
  • nervousness
  • tremors

In severe cases, it may lead to confusion, hallucinations (delirium tremens), and seizures. Detoxification can take between two and seven days. Medications can help prevent side effects of withdrawal.

Digestive System

Alcohol can wreak havoc on your digestive system, from your mouth all the way to your colon. Even a single incidence of heavy drinking can injure parts of your digestive tract.

Alcohol abuse can damage the salivary glands and irritate the mouth and tongue, leading to gum disease, tooth decay, and even tooth loss. Heavy drinking can cause ulcers in the esophagus, acid reflux, and heartburn. Stomach ulcers and inflammation of the stomach lining (gastritis) can occur.

Inflammation of the pancreas interferes with its ability to aid digestion and regulate metabolism. Damage to the digestive system can cause gassiness, abdominal fullness, and diarrhea. It can also lead to dangerous internal bleeding, which may be due to ulcers, hemorrhoids, or esophageal varices caused by cirrhosis.

Alcohol makes it harder for your digestive tract to absorb nutrients and B vitamins or control bacteria. Alcoholics often suffer from malnutrition. Heavy drinkers face higher risk of mouth, throat, and esophagus cancers. Moderate drinking in the presence of tobacco use can raise the risk of these upper-gastrointestinal cancers. Colon cancer is also a risk. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal may include nausea and vomiting.

Circulatory System

In some cases, a single episode of heavy drinking can cause trouble for your heart. It’s even more likely your heart will suffer if you’re a chronic drinker. Women who drink are at even higher risk of heart damage than men.

Circulatory system complications include:

  • poisoning of the heart muscle cells (cardiomyopathy)
  • irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • heart attack
  • heart failure

People with diabetes have an increased risk of low blood sugar levels, especially if they use insulin. Deficiencies in vitamin B6, vitamin B12, thiamine, and folic acid can cause lowered blood counts. A common symptom of anemia is fatigue.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Erectile dysfunction is a common side effect of alcohol abuse in men. It can also inhibit hormone production, affect testicular function, and cause infertility.

Excessive drinking can cause a woman to stop menstruating and become infertile. It also can increase her risk of miscarriage, premature delivery, and stillbirth. Alcohol has a huge effect on fetal development. A range of problems, called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), can occur. FASD symptoms, which include physical abnormalities, learning difficulties, and emotional problems, can last a lifetime.

For women, the risk of breast cancer rises with alcohol use.

Skeletal and Muscle Systems

Long-term alcohol use makes it harder for your body to produce new bone. Drinking puts you at increased risk of osteoporosis (thinning bones) and bone fractures. Muscles become prone to weakness, cramps, and even atrophy.

Immune System

An immune system weakened by alcohol abuse has a hard time fighting off viruses, germs, and all types of illness. Heavy drinkers are more likely to get pneumonia or tuberculosis than the general population. Chronic alcohol use increases your risk of many forms of cancer.

By Olabode Aderemi Temitayo (B.Sc.ED (Hons) )










What Are Fibroids?

Fibroids are abnormal growths that develop in or on a woman’s uterus.

It is unclear why fibroids develop, but several factors may influence their formation, such as hormones and family history.

About 70 to 80 percent of women experience fibroids by the age of 50.

Fibroids are abnormal growths that develop in or on a woman’s uterus. Sometimes, these tumors become quite large and cause severe abdominal pain and heavy periods. In other cases, they cause no signs or symptoms at all. The growths are typically benign (noncancerous). The cause of fibroids is unknown.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 70 to 80 percentof women have them by the age of 50.



Types of Fibroids

Different fibroids develop in different locations in and on the uterus.

Intramural Fibroids

Intramural fibroids are the most common type of fibroid. These types appear within the lining of the uterus (endometrium). Intramural fibroids may grow larger and actually stretch your womb.

Subserosal Fibroids

Subserosal fibroids form on the outside of your uterus, which is called the serosa. They may grow large enough to make your womb appear bigger on one side.

Pedunculated Fibroids

When subserosal tumors develop a stem (a slender base that supports the tumor), they become pedunculated fibroids.

Submucosal Fibroids

These types of tumors develop in the inner lining (myometrium) of your uterus. Submucosal tumors are not as common as other types, but when they do develop, they may cause heavy menstrual bleeding and trouble conceiving.


What Causes Fibroids?

It is unclear why fibroids develop, but several factors may influence their formation.


Estrogen and progesterone are the hormones produced by the ovaries. They cause the uterine lining to regenerate during each menstrual cycle and may stimulate the growth of fibroids.

Family History

Fibroids may run in the family. If your mother, sister, or grandmother has a history of this condition, you may develop it as well.


Pregnancy increases the production of estrogen and progesterone in your body. Fibroids may develop and grow rapidly while you are pregnant.



Who Is at Risk for Fibroids?

Women are at greater risk for developing fibroids if they have one or more of the following risk factors:


*.a family history of fibroids

*.being over the age of 30

*.being of African-American descent

*.having a high body weight



What Are the Symptoms of Fibroids?

Your symptoms will depend on the location and size of the tumor(s) and how many tumors you have. If your tumor is very small, or if you are going through menopause, you may not have any symptoms. Fibroids may shrink during and after menopause.

Symptoms of fibroids may include:

*.heavy bleeding between or during your periods that includes blood clots

*.pain in the pelvis and/or lower back

*.increased menstrual cramping

*.increased urination

*.pain during intercourse

*.menstruation that lasts longer than usual

*.pressure or fullness in your lower abdomen

*.swelling or enlargement of the abdomen



How Are Fibroids Diagnosed?

You will need to see a gynecologist to get a pelvic exam. This exam is used to check the condition, size, and shape of your uterus. You may also need other tests, which include:


An ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of your uterus on a screen. This will allow your doctor to see its internal structures and any fibroids present. A transvaginal ultrasound, in which the ultrasound wand (transducer) is inserted into the vagina, may provide clearer pictures since it is closer to the uterus during this procedure.

Pelvic MRI

This in-depth imaging testing produces pictures of your uterus, ovaries, and other pelvic organs.


How Are Fibroids Treated?

Your doctor will develop a treatment plan based on your age, the size of your fibroid(s), and your overall health. You may receive a combination of treatments.


Medications to regulate your hormone levels may be prescribed to shrink fibroids. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists, such as leuprolide (Lupron), will cause your estrogen and progesterone levels to drop. This will eventually stop menstruation and shrink fibroids.

Other options that can help control bleeding and pain, but will not shrink or eliminate fibroids, include:

*.an intrauterine device (IUD) that releases the hormone progestin

*.over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain relievers, such as ibuprofen

*.birth control pills


Surgery to remove very large or multiple growths (myomectomy) may be performed. An abdominal myomectomy involves making a large incision in the abdomen to access the uterus and remove the fibroids. The surgery can also be performed laparoscopically, using a few small incisions into which surgical tools and a camera are inserted.

Your physician may perform a hysterectomy (removal of your uterus) if your condition worsens, or if no other treatments work. However, this means that you will not be able to bear children in the future.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

A newer and completely noninvasive surgical procedure is forced ultrasound surgery (FUS). You will lie down inside a special MRI machine that allows doctors to visualize the inside of your uterus. High-energy, high-frequency sound waves will be directed at the fibroids to destroy (ablate) them.

Similarly, myolysis shrinks fibroids using an electric current or laser, while cryomyolysis freezes the fibroids. Endometrial ablation involves inserting a special instrument into your uterus to destroy the uterine lining using heat, electric current, hot water, or microwaves.

Long time Effectš

What Can Be Expected in the Long Term?

Your prognosis will depend on the size and location of your fibroids. Fibroids may not need treatment if they are small or do not produce symptoms. If you are pregnant and have fibroids, or become pregnant and have fibroids, your physician will carefully monitor your condition. In most cases, fibroids do not cause problems during pregnancy. Speak with your doctor if you expect to become pregnant and have fibroids.


Men and their Pot Belly

By Olabode Aderemi Temitayo

Pot belly or abdominal obesity, is also known as central obesity, is when excessive abdominal fat around the stomach and abdomen has built up to the extent that it is likely to have a negative impact on health. As we get older, our body fat tends to increase, and usually the increase is around your midsection. A growing pot belly not only makes it difficult to zip a pair of jeans, but it’s also not good for your health. Tummy fat may contribute to health problems, but you can lose the belly and improve your overall health by following a healthy diet and exercise plan. There is a strong correlation between central obesity and cardiovascular disease.

What is Belly Fat?


The two types of fat in your body are subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fat you can pinch. And, in addition to contributing to your pot belly, this type of fat is also the fat on your hips and butt.

However, visceral fat is the primary contributor to your growing mid-section. This type of fat is found deep in your abdominal area, surrounding your vital organs. Visceral fat is linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer in women and gallbladder problems. While extra fat anywhere on your body is no good for your health, visceral fat is especially concerning.



Central obesity is associated with a statistically higher risk of heart disease, hypertension, insulin resistance, and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2. With an increase in the waist to hip ratio and overall waist circumference the risk of death increases as well. Metabolic syndrome is associated with abdominal obesity, blood lipid disorders, inflammation, insulin resistance, full-blown diabetes, and increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. It is now generally believed that intra-abdominal fat is the depot that conveys the biggest health risk.

Central obesity can be a feature of lipodystrophies, a group of diseases that is either inherited, or due to secondary causes (often protease inhibitors, a group of medications against AIDS). Central obesity is a symptom of Cushing’s syndrome and is also common in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Central obesity is associated with glucose intolerance and dyslipidemia. Once dyslipidemia becomes a severe problem, an individual’s abdominal cavity would generate elevated free fatty acid flux to the liver. The effect of abdominal adiposity occurs not just in those who are obese, but also affects people who are non-obese and it also contributes to insulin sensitivity.


There are numerous theories as to the exact cause and mechanism in Type 2 Diabetes. Central obesity is known to predispose individuals for insulin resistance. Abdominal fat is especially active hormonally, secreting a group of hormones called adipokines that may possibly impair glucose tolerance. But adiponectin which is found in lower concentration in obese and diabetic individuals has shown to be beneficial and protective in Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Insulin resistance is a major feature of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (T2DM), and central obesity is correlated with both insulin resistance and T2DM itself. Increased adiposity (obesity) raises serum resistin levels, which in turn directly correlate to insulin resistance. Studies have also confirmed a direct correlation between resistin levels and T2DM. And it is waistline adipose tissue (central obesity) which seems to be the foremost type of fat deposits contributing to rising levels of serum resistin. Conversely, serum resistin levels have been found to decline with decreased adiposity following medical treatment.


Developing asthma due to abdominal obesity is also a main concern. As a result of breathing at low lung volume, the muscles are tighter and the airway is narrower. It is commonly seen that people who are obese breathe quickly and often, while inhaling small volumes of air. People with obesity are also more likely to be hospitalized for asthma. A study has stated that 75% of patients treated for asthma in the emergency room were either overweight or obese.

Alzheimer’s disease

Based on studies, it is evident that obesity has a strong association with vascular and metabolic disease which could potentially be linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Recent studies have also shown an association between mid-life obesity and dementia, but the relationship between later life obesity and dementia is less clear. A study by Debette et al. (2010) examining over 700 adults found evidence to suggest higher volumes of visceral fat, regardless of overall weight, were associated with smaller brain volumes and increased risk of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease and abdominal obesity has a strong correlation and with metabolic factors added in, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease was even higher. Based on logistic regression analyses, it was found that obesity was associated with an almost 10-fold increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


Food Choices to Help Trim a Pot Belly


The food you choose is as important as portion control when you’re trying to trim your middle. Fill your plate with more complex carbs such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins such as fish, poultry, beans, soy and low-fat dairy and healthy fats such as oil and nuts, instead of refined carbs and foods high in trans and saturated fat. Filling your diet with these healthier foods also helps reduce your calorie intake.

How you prepare your food is also important when looking for ways to shave calories for weight loss. Instead of frying, bake, broil, roast or steam your food. For example, swapping out a plate of 20 french fries for a small baked potato can save you 45 calories.

Eating foods rich in soluble fibre might help too. A 2012 study published in Obesity found that increasing your intake of soluble fibre decreased accumulation of belly fat. The researchers suggest aiming for 10 grams of soluble fibre a day, which means eating more beans, oatmeal, oranges, Brussel sprouts and flaxseeds.

Drink Choices to Trim a Pot Belly

Your drink choices may also contribute to a growing pot belly. Drinks like soda, sweet tea, fruit juice and alcohol are a concentrated source of calories. Instead, drink water, club soda, unsweetened tea or coffee or sugar-free drinks. Swapping a cup of sweet tea for a cup of unsweetened iced tea or a cup of regular soda for a club soda with lemon can save you more than 100 calories.

If you’re not a fan of plain water, create your own spa water adding slices of cucumber and mint leaves or slices of oranges, lemon and lime to your glass.

Sample Meal Plan

A belly-trimming breakfast might include 1 cup of oatmeal made with 1 cup of nonfat milk, a handful of fresh blueberries and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed with a 6-ounce container of nonfat yogurt. For lunch, try a 6-inch whole-wheat pita stuffed with 1/4 cup of hummus, bean sprouts and shredded carrots with a fresh orange and a bowl of vegetable bean soup. A 4-ounce serving of grilled salmon with 1 cup of roasted sweet potatoes and 1 cup of roasted Brussel sprouts makes a nutrient-rich, low-calorie dinner to help you get rid of your pot belly.

Don’t forget healthy snacks. Good options include a small handful of almonds or walnuts, a fresh apple, a small bowl of unsweetened whole-grain cereal with nonfat milk or baby carrots with Greek yogurt dip.

Exercise to Get Rid of a Pot Belly


Sit-ups alone won’t get you the belly you want, but regular aerobic and strength-training exercises might. The 2014 Obesity study also found that moderately active people were less likely to get a pot belly. Aim for 30 minutes to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise most days of the week to help you trim the fat and lose the belly. Strength-training is also an important part of an all-around healthy lifestyle to help get rid of the pot belly; it should be conducted twice a week, engaging most major muscle groups. If your doctor gives the okay for you to exercise, consult a personal trainer or other exercise expert to help devise a safe, appropriate fitness plan.


Five Health Issues Every Woman Should Know

Five Health Issues Every Woman Should Know

By Olabode Aderemi Temitayo

Women have several health issues that concern them. This means females should pay more attention to their health as well as keep in touch with personal doctors to ascertain their family medical history as some ailments are hereditary.

Here are the top five health issues every woman should be aware of.

Heart Disease


These include, coronary heart disease, heart attack, congestive heart failure, and congenital heart disease.

Symptoms: Pressure, heaviness, or pain in the chest, arm, or below the breastbone, discomfort radiating to the back, jaw, throat, or arm, indigestion, or choking feeling (may feel like heartburn), rapid or irregular heartbeats.

Prevention: Quit smoking, lower cholesterol by avoiding fatty food, control high blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight, and exercising.

Breast Cancer


Signs of breast cancer include a breast lump or an abnormal mammogram. There various stages of breast cancer are early curable breast cancer to metastatic breast cancer.

Symptoms: A lump in the breast or underarm that persists after your menstrual cycle, swelling in the armpit, pain or tenderness in the breast, unusual discharge from the nipple, a change in the nipple, such as a nipple retraction, dimpling, itching, a burning sensation, or ulceration.

Prevention: Keep healthy weight, be physically active, avoid alcohol, breastfeed if possible, avoid birth control pills esp. after the age of 35, avoid smoking, research family health history, women over the age of 20 – 39 should go for regular screening at least once in three years if, while those of age 40 or older should get mammogram and clinical breast exam every year.

Osteoporosis, also called Thinning Bones

thin bone

Osteoporosis results in painful fractures. Some risk factors for thinning bones are aging, being female, low body weight, low sex hormones or menopause, smoking, and some medications.

A woman hardly knows she has thinning bones as it is a very silent killer – until a fracture occurs. However, here are few symptoms every woman should watch out for.

Symptoms: Backache, a gradual loss of height and an accompanying stooped posture, fractures of the spine, wrist, or hip

Prevention: If detected early, it can be treated with calcium and vitamin D, exercise, and osteoporosis medications.



An unusual feeling of sadness sometimes provoked by outside factors.Women are easily depressed over issues and can easily fall into a sad, anxious, empty, or pessimistic abyss. Depression is serious as it could lead to suicidal tendencies or death wish.

Symptoms: Feeling sad, anxious, or empty, feeling hopeless or pessimistic, feeling guilty, worthless, or helpless, not enjoying things you used to enjoy, trouble with concentration, memory, or making decisions, sleeping too much or too little, appetite changes, gaining or losing weight, feeling restless or irritable, thoughts of suicide or death.

Prevention: Cultivate supportive relationships, exercise, eat healthy, do things that make you feel good, avoid being alone, reach out, take prescribed medications. Also, a combination of treatments, such as medication and psychotherapy in treating depression for those who don’t respond to standard treatment. Non-drug approaches can also be effective when used either alone or with other treatments.

Immune System Disorders


This is caused by an abnormally low activity or over activity of the immune system. Where the immune system is over active, the body begins to attack itself and damages its own tissues (autoimmune diseases).

When the immune system becomes deficient or low in activity it reduces the body’s ability to fight invaders, causing vulnerability to infections.

Symptoms: Joint pain, muscle pain or weakness or a tremor, weight loss, insomnia, heat intolerance or rapid heartbeat, recurrent rashes or hives, sun-sensitivity, a butterfly-shaped rash across your nose and cheeks, weight gain or cold intolerance, hair loss or white patches on your skin or inside your mouth, abdominal pain, blood or mucus in your stool, multiple miscarriages or blood clots.

Prevention: Find a doctor that appeals specially to your health, get tested for mercury and other heavy metals also test for celiac disease (an autoimmune reaction to wheat and other gluten-containing grains) -which causes over 60 autoimmune diseases, eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet such as dairy, eggs, corn and animal fats for a few weeks, take immune-balancing nutrients and supplements, including vitamin D, essential fats (like EPA/DHA and GLA), and probiotics, engage in deep relaxation daily through yoga, meditation, biofeedback, or anything that reverses the stress response, detoxify as often as possible.

Health is wealth, when unsure of how your body feels, practice the principle of precaution which says that we should avoid anything with the potential for harm.

In the US, something has to be proven harmful before it is taken off the market. In Europe, something has to be proven safe before it is allowed on the market, In Nigeria, well……….. fill in the blanks.

By Olabode Aderemi Temitayo

Source, WebMD

Eden Hazard and his not so magical season

eden1Eden Hazard …….From Hero to Zero…

By Olabode aderemi Temitayo



The fall of Eden Hazard

It surprising to say that the same Eden hazard who was the best player in the best league in the world few months ago is nowhere to be found this season. The Chelsea star was double Player of the Year last season as he led the Blues to the title – and Jose Mourinho claimed he had the talent to be as good as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

eden last year stats

But the Belgian has yet to score a Premier League goal in this injury-hit campaign – and still did not fit to feature for Chelsea Saturday’s loss against Manchester City.

eden stats year compare

As his statistics reflect, he only scored two goals in his Chelsea 38 appearances with both goals coming from FA cup competition against a lower league MK dons side and a youth-filled. Though his perfect record for Belgium national team suggest otherwise as he has four goals in four appearance where they won all the games he featured in.

Hazard Criticism

To make matter worse, Eden Hazard was heavily criticised by the current interim Chelsea boss Gus Hiddink after their disgraceful defeat to Man city, despite the fact the he play no part in the match as he watched from the stand.

Hiddink, the veteran former coach of PSV Eindhoven, Real Madrid and the Netherlands, said: “I have seen this before, yes, but not so drastically because he was the No 1 and now he is at the end of a long row of players. That is difficult.”

“Last year everything was beautiful and this year everything for him is dark. The contrast is huge. Normally you have your beautiful season as he had last season and then of course it is difficult to get a second season like that but not that drastically from what he is experiencing now. I think he has a difficult time.

“There are of course worries if you are the most valuable and best player and then later you are hardly playing.”

“It is difficult to make a harsh judgement on that in terms of commitment. The next period will be very interesting for him, not just now but the Euros. Will he be at Chelsea next season? He has a contract for more years, what can I say? I think that’s something for the upcoming management.”

Hazard Current form

On top of that, his on-pitch demeanour has belied a player who very much looked to have given up at Stamford Bridge. His drop in form has synced effortlessly with Chelsea’s drop from Premier League champions to a side that was perilously close to the relegation zone around Christmas time.

Of course, as the old saying goes, form is supposedly temporary, while class permanent.

Fans might argue that point given the change in fortunes suffered by the likes of Fernando Torres and Radamel Falcao – who coincidentally both did/have endured struggles as Chelsea players, but it’s safe to assume Hazard’s loss of form is merely a blip in what has otherwise been a thus far stellar career.

Hazard Future

Despite Hazard struggle this season, I don’t see him quitting Chelsea for greener pasture with Real Madrid and PSG courting him all the time, to further dismiss his exit talk, a news emerge online recently about him alleged meeting with the new incoming boss Antonio Conte. It was reported that he met with Eden Hazard to discuss the Belgian international’s future and expects him to now stay at Stamford Bridge. In the rumoured meeting, Conte is believed to have outlined how Hazard will fit into his Chelsea squad next season. The winger, in turn, now privately is of the belief that he will continue with the Blues.

That may come as a relative surprise to some, particularly given how poorly Hazard has fared with Chelsea this year.

If you still think hazard has a future or not with the west london blue side, please drop comment below

By Olabode Aderemi

Is snoring a Disease or not?

snoring 2


Everything you need to know about snoring

By Olabode Aderemi Temitayo

Just about everyone snores occasionally, but if snoring happens frequently it can affect the quantity and quality of your sleep and that of your family members and roommates. Snoring can lead to poor sleep and daytime fatigue, irritability, and increased health problems. If your snoring keeps your partner awake, it can also create major relationship problems. Thankfully, sleeping in separate bedrooms isn’t the only remedy for snoring. There are many other effective solutions available to help both you and your partner sleep better at night and deal with the relationship problems caused when one person snores.

What is snoring?



Snoring happens when you can’t move air freely through your nose and throat during sleep. This makes the surrounding tissues vibrate, which produces the familiar snoring sound. People who snore often have too much throat and nasal tissue or “floppy” tissue that is more prone to vibrate. The position of your tongue can also get in the way of smooth breathing.

To stop snoring, it’s necessary to first identify exactly how and why you’re snoring. The good news is that no matter the cause, there are solutions to relieve your snoring and help you and your loved one deal with complaints, resentments, and other relationship issues caused by your snoring.

Is it just snoring or sleep apnoea?

Snoring could indicate sleep apnoea, a potentially life-threatening condition that requires medical attention. Sleep apnoea is a breathing obstruction, causing the sleeper to keep waking up to begin breathing again. Normal snoring doesn’t interfere with the quality of your sleep as much as sleep apnoea, so if you’re suffering from extreme fatigue and sleepiness during the day, your problem may be more than just snoring.

The causes of snoring: Identify the cause to find the cure

People snore for different reasons. When you get to the bottom of why you snore, then you can find the right solutions to a quieter, deeper sleep. Enlist your non-snoring sleep partner to help you keep a sleep diary to monitor your snoring. Observing patterns in your snoring can often help pinpoint the reasons why you snore, what makes it worse, and how to go about stopping your snoring. Enlisting your sleep partner to help in this way can also help demonstrate how serious you are about tackling your snoring problem and the value you place on the relationship.

Common causes of snoring

*.Being overweight or out of shape. Fatty tissue and poor muscle tone contribute to snoring. Even if you’re not overweight in general, carrying excess weight just around your neck or throat can cause snoring. Exercising and losing weight can sometimes be all it takes to end your snoring.

*.Age. As you reach middle age and beyond, your throat becomes narrower, and the muscle tone in your throat decreases. While you can do anything about growing older, lifestyle changes, new bedtime routines, and throat exercises can all help to prevent snoring.

*.The way you’re built. Men have narrower air passages than women and are more likely to snore. A narrow throat, a cleft palate, enlarged adenoids, and other physical attributes that contribute to snoring are often hereditary. Again, while you have no control over your build or gender, you can control your snoring with the right lifestyle changes, bedtime routines, and throat exercises.

*.Nasal and sinus problems. Blocked airways or a stuffy nose make inhalation difficult and create a vacuum in the throat, leading to snoring.

*.Alcohol, smoking, and medications. Alcohol intake, smoking, and certain medications, such as tranquilizers like lorazepam (Ativan) and diazepam (Valium), can increase muscle relaxation leading to more snoring.

*.Sleep posture. Sleeping flat on your back causes the flesh of your throat to relax and block the airway. Changing your sleep position can help.

How you snore reveals why you snore

It’s important to note the different ways you sleep and snore.

*.Closed-mouth snoring may indicate a problem with your tongue.

*.Open-mouth snoring may be related to the tissues in your throat.

*.Snoring when sleeping on your back is probably mild snoring—improved sleep habits and lifestyle changes may be effective cures.

*.Snoring in all sleep positions can mean your snoring is more severe and may require a more comprehensive treatment.

Self-help cures to stop snoring

There are so many bizarre anti-snoring devices available on the market today, with more being added all the time, that finding the right solution for your snoring can seem like a daunting task. Unfortunately, many of these devices are not backed up by research, or they work by simply keeping you awake at night. There are, however, plenty of proven techniques that can help eliminate snoring. Not every remedy is right for every person, though, so it may require some patience, some lifestyle changes, and a willingness to experiment with different solutions.

Lifestyle changes to stop snoring

*. Lose weight. If you’re overweight, dropping even a few pounds can reduce fatty tissue in the back of the throat and decrease or even stop snoring.

*. Exercise can also help to stop snoring. As well aiding weight loss, exercising your arms, legs, and abs, for example, also leads to toning the muscles in your throat, which in turn can lead to less snoring. There are also specific exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles in your throat (see below).

*. Quit smoking. Quitting is easier said than done, but smoking irritates the membranes in the nose and throat which can block the airways and cause snoring.

*.Avoid alcohol, sleeping pills, and sedatives because they relax the muscles in the throat and interfere with breathing. Talk to your doctor about any prescription medications you’re taking, as some encourage a deeper level of sleep which can make snoring worse.

*.Establish regular sleep patterns. Create a healthy bedtime ritual with your partner and stick to it. Hitting the sack in a routine way together can help you sleep better and often minimize snoring.


Bedtime remedies to help you stop snoring

*.Clear nasal passages. If you have a stuffy nose, rinse sinuses with saline before bed. Using a Neti pot, nasal decongestant, or nasal strips can also help you breathe more easily while sleeping. If you have allergies, reduce dust mites and pet dander in your bedroom or use an allergy medication.

*.Keep bedroom air moist. Dry air can irritate membranes in the nose and throat, so if swollen nasal tissues are the problem, a humidifier may help.

*.Change your sleeping position. Elevating your head four inches may ease breathing and encourage your tongue and jaw to move forward. There are specially designed pillows available to help prevent snoring by making sure your neck muscles are not crimped.

*.Sleep on your side instead of your back. Try attaching a tennis ball to the back of a pyjama top or T-shirt. (You can sew a sock to the back of your top then put a tennis ball inside.) If you roll over onto your back, the discomfort of the tennis ball will cause you to turn back onto your side. Alternatively, wedge a pillow stuffed with tennis balls behind your back. After a while, sleeping on your side will become a habit and you can dispense with the tennis balls.

*.Try an anti-snoring mouth appliance. These devices often resemble an athlete’s mouth guard and help open your airway by bringing your lower jaw and/or your tongue forward during sleep. While a dentist-made appliance can be expensive, cheaper do-it-yourself kits are also available.

Throat exercises to stop snoring


Practiced daily, throat exercises can strengthen muscles in the upper respiratory tract and be an effective way to reduce or stop snoring.

Try the following exercises to stop snoring. Start slow and gradually increase the number of sets you do. In some cases, you may be able to combine the exercises with other activities, such as commuting to work, housework, walking your dog, or taking a shower.

*.Repeat each vowel (a-e-i-o-u) out loud for three minutes a few times a day.

*.Place the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth. Slide your tongue backwards for three minutes a day.

*.Close your mouth and purse your lips. Hold for 30 seconds.

*.With mouth open, move jaw to the right and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on left side.

*.With mouth open, contract the muscle at the back of your throat repeatedly for 30 seconds. Tip: Look in the mirror to see the uvula (“the hanging ball”) move up and down.

Medical cures and treatments for snoring

If you’ve tried the self-help solutions to stop snoring without success, don’t give up hope. Medical cures and treatments could make all the difference. New advances in the treatment of snoring are being made all the time and the various devices available to stop snoring are becoming more and more effective and comfortable. So even if your doctor recommends something that in the past you found to be uncomfortable or ineffective, that doesn’t mean the same will be true now.

Medical cures for snoring

If your own efforts to stop snoring do not help, consult your physician or an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat doctor, otherwise known as an ENT). He or she may recommend a medical device or surgical procedure such as:

*.Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). To keep your airway open during sleep, a machine at your bedside blows pressurized air into a mask that you wear over your nose or face.

*.Traditional surgery such as Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty (TAP), tonsillectomy, and adenoidectomy, increase the size of your airway by surgically removing tissues or correcting abnormalities.

*.Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) uses a laser to shorten the uvula (the hanging soft tissue at the back of the throat) and to make small cuts in the soft palate either side. As the cuts heal, the surrounding tissues stiffen to prevent the vibrations that trigger snoring.

*.Palatal implants or the Pillar procedure involves inserting small plastic implants into the soft palate which help prevent collapse of the soft palate that can cause snoring.

*.Somnoplasty uses low levels of radio frequency heat to remove tissues of the uvula and soft palate that vibrate during snoring. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes.

Ruling out more serious problems

Snoring can sometimes be a warning sign of a more serious problem. A doctor should evaluate a snorer for any underlying medical conditions, other sleeping disorders such as sleep apnoea, or any sleep-related breathing problems. Call your doctor if you or your sleep partner have noticed any of the following red flags:

*.You snore loudly and heavily and are tired during the day.

*.You stop breathing, gasp, or choke during sleep.

*.You fall asleep at inappropriate times, such as during a conversation or a meal.

To rule out a more serious problem, a physician may refer you to a sleep specialist for a home-based sleep test using a portable monitor or request you stay overnight at a sleep clinic. If these sleep studies conclude that the snoring is not related to any sleeping or breathing disorders, you can discuss different treatment options to stop the snoring.

Snoring and your relationship

No matter how much you love each other, snoring can put a strain on your relationship. If you’re the one lying awake at night as your partner snores away, it’s easy to start feeling resentful. And if you’re the snorer, you may feel helpless, guilty, or even irritated with your partner for harping on something you can’t consciously control.

When snoring is a problem, relationship tension can grow in the following ways:

*.Sleeping in separate rooms. While this may be a solution for some couples, it can also take a toll on emotional and physical intimacy. And if you’re the one snoring, you might feel lonely, isolated, and even punished for something you feel you have no control over.

*.Irritability due to sleep loss. Disrupted sleep isn’t just a problem for the non-snorer. Snoring is caused by disordered breathing, which means the snorer’s sleep quality also suffers. Poor sleep takes a toll on mood, thinking skills, judgment, and your ability to manage stress and conflict. So is it any wonder that communication often breaks down when trying to talk about the problem?

*.Partner resentment. When a non-snorer feels he or she has done everything possible to sleep through the night (ear plugs, sound machines, etc.) but the snorer does nothing to combat the snoring, it can lead to resentment. Working as a team to find a snoring cure can prevent future fights.

If you value your relationship, make it your priority to find a snoring cure so you can both sleep soundly. Working together to stop snoring can even be an opportunity to improve the quality of your bond and become more deeply connected.

Communicating with a partner who snores

snoring final

So you love everything about your partner… except his or her snoring. It’s normal. Even the most patient amongst us will draw the line at sleep deprivation. But no matter how much sleep you lose due to someone snoring, it’s important to handle the problem sensitively. It’s common to be irritable when sleep loss is an issue, but try reining in your frustration. You want to attack the snoring problem—not your sleep partner. Remember that your partner likely feels vulnerable, defensive, and even a little embarrassed about his or her snoring.

*.Time your talk carefully. Avoid middle of the night or early morning discussions when you’re feeling exhausted.

*.Keep in mind it’s not intentional. Although it’s easy to feel like a victim when you lose sleep, remember that your partner isn’t keeping you awake on purpose.

*.Avoid lashing out. Sure, sleep deprivation is aggravating and can be damaging to your health, but try your best to approach the problem in a non-confrontational way.

*.Beware of bitterness. Make sure that latching onto snoring is not an outlet for other hidden resentments you’re harbouring.

*.Use humor and playfulness to bring up the subject of snoring without hurting your partner’s feelings. Laughing about it can ease tension. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into too much teasing.

Dealing with complaints about your snoring

It’s common to be caught off guard—not to mention to feel a little hurt—when a partner complains about your snoring. After all, you probably didn’t even realize it was happening. And although it might seem silly that snoring can cause such relationship turmoil, it’s a common and a very real problem.

If you dismiss your partner’s concerns and refuse to try to solve your snoring problem, you’re sending a clear message to your partner that you don’t care about his or her needs.

Keep the following in mind as you and your partner work together to find a solution to your snoring:

*.Snoring is a physical issue. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Like a pulled muscle or a common cold, improving the condition is in your hands.

*.Avoid taking it personally. Try not to take your partner’s frustration as a personal critique or attack. Your partner loves you, just not the snoring.

*.Take your partner seriously. Avoid minimizing complaints. Lack of sleep is a health hazard and can make your partner feel miserable all day.

*.Make it clear that you prioritize the relationship. If you and your partner have this understanding, you’ll both do what it takes to find a cure for the snoring.

*.Address inappropriate behaviour. Although sleep deprivation can lead to moodiness and irritability, let your partner know that it’s not okay for them to throw an elbow jab or snap at you when you’re snoring.

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